The Rare Truth about Tight and Loose Women Vagina


How to tighten vagina? It’s not a question widely asked amongst women but rather in private to doctors and even on the net. Most women don’t like to talk about their private areas and it’s very much understandable. Women are private people and most are embarrassed about such things. The following are a few truths you should be aware of when it comes to tight and loose women.

Having Many Sexual Partners Does Not Cause a Loose Vagina

Women often dislike talking about a loose vagina because they think the doctor will believe they have been with many men and as a result that a loose vagina. Unfortunately this is a misconception surrounding loose vagina conditions. Women do not need several partners to find they have issues; women who have been married and only ever been with one man can have problems with a loose vagina too. The truth is, sex does play a part of tight and loose vaginas but it is quite an open field as to how it affects individuals.

Elasticity Plays a Part of Tight and Loose Vagina

When a woman becomes intimate with someone she becomes aroused and that loosens the vaginal walls. However after she has became intimate the vaginal walls retract to how they were before. It is all because of elasticity in which this is possible. Unfortunately many find elasticity to be somewhat of an issue. Women can find they have a loose vagina simply because their elasticity hasn’t ensured the vaginal walls return to how they once were. This causes a loose vagina and as such many go in search of how to make your vagina tighter. Having said that, a tight vagina isn’t always good either as the woman may have difficulty becoming intimate. There is a fine balance and it needs to be found so a woman can feel comfortable with herself.

You Don’t Have To Have Multiple Partners to Be a ‘Loose Woman’

There is a lot of stigma attached to women with loose vaginas as men and even some women, often believe it is because they have slept around. Basically that isn’t the case because a women can have hundreds of sexual partners but that does not guarantee she is a ‘loose woman’. Vagina tightness does come down to sexual arousal and how her body reacts to that. There are some who find their elasticity is impressive and never has to deal with such worries, unfortunately that isn’t the case for every woman. How to tighten vagina is often a question asked and it’s often followed by ‘is it because of having multiple sexual partners’? Again, that isn’t the real cause.

Tightness Isn’t About Virtue

If you want to know the truth about tight and loose women, you have to get to know a person. Just because a woman is ‘loose’ that doesn’t mean to say she sleeps around. Tightness is all about elasticity and how quick the body reacts to being intimate. Some women find they never have issues with looseness until they are in their sixties (some none at all); then again, others find this to be a concern at the age of twenty. It really varies considerably and it’s all down to elasticity because it is this which causes tightness and a loose vagina.

5 Home Remedies for Tightening a Vagina

Hundreds of thousands of women suffer from a loose vagina and it is vastly becoming a major problem. However there are many simple but effective ways to help treat this issue from home. If you are one of the many women suffering from this issue, read on and you will find five different home remedies to consider.

Leg Exercise

One of the top home remedies for you to try and learn how to tighten vagina would be to do some simple exercises. Now leg exercises are simple and you don’t have to do a thing a part from lie flat on your back and stretch out your legs in the air. You will need to keep the legs there for a minute or two; this should help strengthen the legs and correct the issue also. If you find you can’t keep your legs straight for an entire minute, try thirty seconds.

Herbal Creamshqdefault

There are plenty of herbal creams which can be applied to help correct a loose vagina. However before you use any creams you will need to take your doctor to ensure the cream is suitable for you. There are lots of creams on the market today so ideally you want one which is right for you personally. Consulting with a doctor over creams can help you to choose a cream for the issue at hand and hopefully it will help.

Try Kegel Exercises

For those who are learning how to tighten vagina they often look to Kegel exercises. These types of exercises are relatively simple but quite effective in helping to deal with the problem at hand. You can find the exercises help to tighten the vaginal walls and correct the issue also.

A Cone

This might not be very well known but there are special vaginal cones which are designed to help correct a loose vagina. The cones are inserted into the vaginal area which is then supposed to help tighten the walls. This is something you may want to consult with your doctor before using just to ensure it’s suitable for your needs.

Take a Bath and Apply a Gooseberry Solution

One more home remedy to consider to correct a loose vagina would be to have a bath. Once you bathe you can apply a solution made from gooseberries. This should help to strengthen the vaginal walls and help correct the problem before long. If you can, take a bath daily and use the solution daily also so that the solution has a better chance of working. Hopefully this will work for you.

Don’t Suffer

There are so many amazing methods to help tighten a vagina that it stops most from going down the surgical route. Let’s be honest, if there are home remedies to correct the issue, it is what every women wants. You can’t blame women looking for a at home remedy especially since this is quite a sensitive issue. However when you know a few simple remedies hopefully you can try them out and find you feel much better about yourself. Learning how to tighten vagina can be simple with a few home remedies.

The Best Cure to Loose Vagina  -

The Best Cure to Loose Vagina 

All men and ladies to be completely fulfilled by their guarantee to sex, men need to mate close to the vagina. Sexual fulfillment is an imperative element, however there ought to be a more pleasant and satisfying. Parts of which are practical or breaking the connection between sexual fulfillments is one of the principle reasons, notwithstanding fixing the vaginal sexual coexistence, fulfillment, security and welfare of a lady on account of ladies, frequently lost after a vaginal conveyance. After reading this you can come back http://vtightening.com/how-to-make-your-vagina-tighter/ here to read more. Because of the age and infiltration. At the point when a lady brought forth a kid, her vagina gets to be extended, in light of the fact that the vagina gets to be mass conveyance.

A Loose Vagina

A standout amongst the most widely recognized reasons for vaginal unwinding is because of labor. The more a lady is to tip the conveyance of her extricate her vagina; the vaginal divider is extended pattern. Another reason for vaginal unwinding is because of intermittent conduct. Also visit our best article here for more to know. Guys like a tight vagina, it is best to let their preferred young ladies, and ladies’ sexual accomplices, tight vagina, might develop his emotions and intentions, will make her vibe the weight of every stroke and its accomplices.

The Best Cure to Loose Vagina  -

Factors for Loose Vagina

Distinctive components might lead them to facilitate the loose vagina, you can not say without a doubt, if the real limit on the premise of your vagina to unwind, yet there are a few points , and take the accompanying:

  1. Vast article into the vaginal incitement and energy
  1. You are allowed to embed more than three fingers, there is very little resistance
  1. When you don’t initiate your vagina does not close
  1. It is hard to comprehend your vaginal pointer

5 Unlike beforehand neglected to meet your accomplice


5 Difficulty to achieve climax

The Advantage of The Vagina Tight

When you move your vaginal divider free, truth be told, to fix the loose vagina, and the exertion, constraining the advantages you need to know.

Fixing of the vagina is really a lady feel more sure.

Fixing of the vagina, will help you and your accomplice appreciate sex

At the point when a you know how to make your vagina tighter, you can accomplice sexual fulfillment, stress level presentation.

Through The Exercise Vaginal Tightening

For a few ladies go to awesome length in their vagina and vaginal fixing surgery specialists, attempting to know how to tighten vagina. You truly are, on account of there are some home cures, you can extinguish your thirst of your self, your vagina It is understood that practice the vaginal muscles to fix your loose vagina to fix your Kegel activities can help the vagina; you need to do when you urinate, your pee. Your pelvic muscles to control her. Arrangement, stop your pee. Four seconds, then quit attempting, means to proceed with a couple times each time you attempt to urinate.

Vaginal Cone

Additional processing fixing vaginal fixing vaginal muscles, called a vaginal cone. Vagina as a cradle in a cone the size and weight of the species. Embed the lightest cone in your loose vagina and place the utilization of your muscles. No less than 15 minutes a few times each day. After some time, steadily expanding the weight.


Signs and Best Exercise To Tighten a loose Vagina


If you’ve never heard of Pompoir, it’s time to know it since this is how to tighten vagina. This is because the technique, created in India and perfected in Thailand can do miracles for your body. Based on the control of contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles, you have physical benefits as it protects the vaginal sagging caused by aging or pregnancy, and prevents diseases such as urinary incontinence and cramps. Continue reading  

tightening vagina

Advantages From Tightening Loose Vagina

Many times in a woman’s life, tightening a very flabby vagina can create many problems for her love life. This is not always the woman’s fault and sometimes is something that just happens as she gets older. There are several medical issues that can cause this to happen and occasionally can be caused by poor and rougher sexual habits. This can also cause a woman problems mentally because she can feel less adequate about herself. She can become very self conscious and will many times try to avoid having sexual relations with her partner because she feels so inadequate about herself. She is afraid she is no longer good enough for him and will not please him.

What Are The Results

Not only can this cause mental distress to the woman, but can also cause her partner to reach out to someone else for comfort. Many times a man will reach out to someone else usually a younger woman. Normally a younger woman will just be enjoying the attention from an older man and will be looking for him to take care of her. A younger woman will look better than an older one and will be more cuddly and affectionate. Many younger women will have a tighter vagina because of being young their muscles have more elasticity. Also in most cases someone new always seems more exciting than they really are, at least in the beginning. Many men will look for this because what they have at home is comfortable and has lost its excitement.

Advantages To Keeping tight vagina, see more here

  • Will help to keep a woman’s self confidence up
  • Can keep her sex life more interesting and satisfying for her and her partner
  • Will keep her man more interested in her and not get tired of their sex life
  • Will help to create and maintain a longer more healthier relationship
  • Can help to keep the flame glowing in their bedroom

What Can A Woman Do?

To all women, it would be to your advantage to learn how to make your vagina tighter. There are many ways to accomplish this, from the expensive and very painful surgery to learning to do exercises with the muscles that control the tightness. Do not be afraid to discuss this with your partner. You choose your partner for life, you are suppose to be able to talk with him about anything. Unfortunately many women are embarrassed to discuss this with their partners, making the entire situation way more uncomfortable than it really has to be.

There are also many over the counter, creams, ointments, gels and other items that can help to make your vagina tighter. Many of these have been proven to be very effective. Using one of these along with learning to exercise the muscles can make a huge difference in the tightness of your vagina. This not only can help to improve the physical act of making love, but will also increase the mental and self confidence in the bedroom. This can help to keep you love making time exciting and satisfying for you partnership. All of this can be accomplished by simply knowing how to tighten vagina, as seen in this site: http://www.eyesurgery2020.com/vaginismus-ways-to-tell-if-your-vagina-is-big-and-loose-or-small-and-tight/

Is There A Medicine To Tighten A Loose Vagina?

How to make your vagina tighter? This is certainly going to be something that thousands of women are asking especially when they feel ashamed or embarrassed. However, most women look for a solution to help solve this problem but is there a medicine to tighten a loose vagina? If so, should you consider using it?

Medicines Don’t Just Involve Pills

Is There A Medicine To Tighten A Loose Vagina?To be honest, there is no certain medicine out there to help tighten a loose vagina but that doesn’t mean to say there isn’t a medical solution out there. Many women think they can take a pill to help solve their problems but actually there isn’t. There is no real medicine’s in pill form to use in order to correct a vagina but there are medical solutions to use. How to tighten your vagina the medical way?

Surgery May Be a Solution to Consider

There are no pills or drugs to help solve a loose vagina but there is still a surgical option. Now, this might not sound pleasant but it can help treat a loose vagina. Of course, this option isn’t going to be for everyone but it will be an option many look towards. This will help to tighten a loose vagina and may help to improve the strength of the vaginal walls too.

Vagina Tightening Creams

There are some herbal vagina tightening creams that many women use today. These are medicines even though they are in cream form; however, they can help to strengthen the walls for the vagina and help tighten the vagina also. Medical and herbal creams have become very popular of late because they are supposed to help; of course every woman is different so what might work for one, may not help anther. However, these creams are supposed to help. If you are looking for a way how to make your vagina tighter, creams may be the solution for you. read more information about solving loose vagina problems at http://vtightening.com/getting-your-loose-vagina-back-to-normal/

Are Creams Safe to Use

In most cases, the natural creams are not going to have any harsh chemicals contained within them which means they shouldn’t do much harm to the body. However, it is still vital to talk to the doctor in order to ensure the creams are suitable for you. It is always advisable to talk to the doctor first before taking any medical solution such as creams. If you want to solve a loose vagina, natural or herbal creams may help solve the problem, not always but at times it can.

Tighten A Loose Vagina Can Be Possible With Medicine Creams

As I said, there aren’t any pills that will solve this problem but there are some natural and herbal creams that could. Many of these are considered to be medicines and in a way, they can be but they may not solve the problem for everyone. However, there are many solutions to try to help solve the problem and for most women they do find a solution to their problem. If you have an issue, find a way how to tighten vagina and fix the problem.

5 Causes and Treatments for a Loose Vagina

How to make your vagina tighter? This is a question that has vastly became very popular for thousands of women but many women don’t really understand what this is or even how they get a loose vagina. It’s a problem but something many experience and even though it doesn’t seem as though it’s a common issue, it has become a routine problem for many. However, women don’t like to discuss this so, here are the five causes and treatments for a loose vagina.

Having a Baby

As most women know, as a baby grows to the full term, their bodies expand and that does ultimately mean their vaginal walls too. Vaginal walls must expand in order to allow a baby to pass through the birth cannel but this can lead to a loose vagina. It can be a troublesome issue for many women though, every woman who gives birth doesn’t always experience this issue but some can. A loose vagina can be a big issue but it can be fixed. read more information about the birth Canal.

Being Intimate Too Often

It might seem a little crazy but some women, who are intimate too often, can find they experience a loose vagina. This could cause a woman to experience a loose vagina but not in every case. Some women who are intimate often don’t in fact have this issue but it is a big cause for a loose vagina. Many women don’t realize this but it’s true, if they are intimate too often, they could experience a loose vagina.read more info about tightening vagina at http://www.academia.edu/4652517/How_To_Tighten_Your_Vagina_Naturally

5 Causes and Treatments for a Loose Vagina

How to Make Your Vagina Tighter With Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are certainly some of the very best ways to help treat a loose vagina. Now, these types of exercises are really good because they are able to help thicken and strengthen up the vaginal wall. This will help to tighten the vagina; though pelvic exercises can still be good to help keep the body healthy and strong too. You may want to learn other ways how to tighten vagina up if these exercises don’t work for you.

Home Remedies

How to make your vagina tighter with home remedies can be good. This option is wide however because it can range from herbal remedies to natural creams. Many women look at the home remedies and if the right remedy can be used, it can help to treat a loose vagina. Of course, since the home remedies vary, many women can find this option a little tired but they can be good to consider.

Surgery May Be a Treatment for Extreme Cases

In all honesty, surgical treatment is popular but it’s usually only a last resort. Of course, anyone can choose this option if they really want to but most women try other options such as the pelvic floor options. However, surgery is going to be one of the better options for those who cannot treat their loose vagina by other methods. A loose vagina can be treated with surgery.

Don’t Be Afraid To Look At Treatment

There are in fact thousands of women who feel embarrassed and ashamed of their loose vagina. However, this is a problem that shouldn’t be treated with shame or embarrassment because it can be natural for some women. Sometimes, it caused after childbirth and childbirth is a natural thing so it’s simply nothing to be ashamed of. Most women are afraid to talk to their doctors about this but you shouldn’t be, and you should find ways to make your vagina tighter too.

3 Available Options for Tightening a Loose Vagina

Many women want to know how to tighten vagina and even though it seems a strange question, it’s a very popular one. Thousands of women find they suffer with a tight vagina which can lead them into a number of issues in life. In most cases, women with this condition find they are unable to enjoy intercourse or find they have discomfort or even on occasion, severe pain. There are some women who can’t even be intimate with their partners because of the pain but there are ways to help treat this condition.Click here to read more information about how to get your loose vagina back to normal. So, what are the three available options for tightening a loose vagina?

Surgical Option

Surgical OptionIt might seem as though the most extreme of options but actually, surgery is a very popular option for most women. Now, surgery isn’t as extreme as it sounds or even the most dangerous either however it still carries risks. Women undergoing surgery can find that they are able to correct a loose vagina though it could be a last resort as no one really wants to go under the knife to correct this problem. visit http://www.eyesurgery2020.com/schedule-a-free-consultation-with-a-certified-surgeon-today/ to know more on how you can get a free consultation with the surgeon.

However, a loose vagina can be an issue and most women want to find ways to tighten them up.

Use Natural Creams

Use Natural CreamsMany women apply natural tighten creams directly to the area in order to help tighten the area. There are many good creams that don’t pose any real risk to the health of the women because the ingredients are all natural. If you are looking for a way to tighten vagina, natural creams may be the better option for those unsure or unwilling to go the surgical route. They can help, but of course, everyone is different but sometimes, the creams can help greatly.


YogaThousands of women already do yoga and even though it seems like a complicated exercise, it can be great in so many ways. Yoga could help a loose vagina and help tighten up an area which can help in so many ways. Of course, there are lots of different yoga positions and you will need to search for one specifically for ensuring the vaginal wall can boost its strength but it could be a great option.

What Is The Best Option?

To be honest, some women find yoga helps while others use natural creams and yoga. However, there are occasions when women have tried both options and they haven’t helped to tighten a loose vagina. In most cases, the surgical option is in fact the last resort but some women choose it as their first. In all honesty, every woman if different and whichever option you want to choose is fine just ensure it’s the one that will work best.Click here to explore more options.

Be Wary Of What Option You Take

The above three available options for tightening a loose vagina can be great solutions to help solve the problem but they may not what you want to try. Everyone is different and if you don’t want to look at surgery, that’s fine; it’s what you want to try. If you want to find out how to make your vagina tighter, you may want to consider the three solutions above.

Vaginismus – Ways to Tell If Your Vagina Is Big and Loose or Small and Tight

Woman often search for the answer to a loose vagina. Now, this might not seem a topic most people, especially women would want to talk about but it can be an important subject to think about. Women do need to think about their intimate areas because they can be sensitive areas. However, how can you tell if your vagina is big and loose or small and tight?

Exact Size Cannot Always Be Established

Most women believe there is a scientific way of determining the size of the vagina but in fact, there isn’t. The vagina is made up of a vaginal wall; the wall is made up of elasticity which can expand during certain events such as intercourse or childbirth and return to normal afterwards. However, determining whether you have vaginismus can be somewhat difficult but not impossible. You may need to know how to tighten vagina in order to reverse the condition of vaginismus.

Intercourse Being Unsatisfactory Is a Sign of a Loose Vagina

For women who find they are left unsatisfactory after being intimate with a man then it could be a way to tell if you have a big and loose vagina. It isn’t always a sure fire way to say if the vagina is loose but it’s a possibility. The only real way to tell for one hundred percent sure is to visit a gynaecologist; however, most women who find sexual intercourse unsatisfactory, is a big sign for a loose vagina.read more information about the Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction at http://www.healthcommunities.com/female-sexual-dysfunction/causes.shtml

Vaginismus – Ways to Tell If Your Vagina Is Big and Loose or Small and Tight

Air Slipping Into the Intimate Area

Air slipping into the intimate area for a woman can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing for most. However, some may not realize this but air getting into the vagina can be a sign of a loose vagina. This condition may not always be so simple or easy to spot but there can be subtle signs to look out for. If you find this sign of vaginismus, you may want to find out how to make your vagina tighter.click here to check Lap Band surgery cost if surgery is the last option for the vagina tightening.

In Discomfort Could Be a Sign of a Tight Vagina

For most women they find inserting a tampon uncomfortable at times but for the majority, the discomfort disappears after it has been inserted correctly. If a woman finds she is in a lot of pain or discomfort after wearing a tampon, it could be a sign of a tight vagina. It isn’t always a sure fire sign however because lots of women don’t wear tampons because they feel discomfort but their vagina size isn’t too small. Every woman is different but a loose vagina shouldn’t have too much trouble using a tampon.

Unable To Be Intimate

Women who find they are in constant pain during intercourse can find it’s a sign of a tight vagina. However, in some extreme cases, they are not even able to be intimate with a man either. You may want to find out how to tighten vagina but you need to be very careful when doing so. You want to strengthen the vaginal walls to help build strength.Read more information how to get your vagina back to normal at http://vtightening.com/getting-your-loose-vagina-back-to-normal/

Put Your Mind at Ease

In most cases, women will have a normal vaginal size and will neither be loose or tight; most will be average. There will be cases where women may experience vaginismus but after simple changes, it could change things around entirely. For weaker vaginal walls, they can use pelvic floor experiences to help strengthen up the area. This might help to change a loose vagina and make the area average once again.

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